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About Us

About Us

Our History
Since 1986 Deluxe plastic cards has been producing quality plastic cards, Roloview rotary flip file cards, break apart Key chain loyalty cards, and related small plastic products at our plant at 202 s 22nd street Tampa fl. We added CDR optical discs to the lineup in 2001. Complete service bureau operations began in 1987 with traditional embossing, tipping and encoding operations similar to bankcards. While we don’t produce official bankcards due to the expense we use many of the same procedures for quality control and accounting purposes. We also can thermal imprint names, numbers and even pictures for personalization one at a time or in bulk.

Our Products
Membership, ID, access, credit, ATM, and Gift cards cover just some of the uses for the credit card size we all know so well. We do security badges in small batches. We make Roloview rotary flip file index cards for Rolodex® type look up wheels. We print short run CD’s for software delivery applications as well as many other data storage uses. We will burn the content the same time we print the CDR.

The Process
Various types of printing are used depending on the nature of the art and the needs of the client. Silk-screening is used when we have large dark product to cover. White ink on black cards can be done. Signature panels with writeable surfaces needs the silk-screen method. Thermal imaging is used for much variable data such as bar codes with individual names. Digital printing is used for very short runs and delivery emergencies. Offset 4-color process is used for the medium runs in a hurry. Litho-Laminate comes to play for longer runs that require effective cost control when we have some more time.

Our niche is the short run high quality segment of the market. Those companies that have needs for less than 10,000 cards on the shelf and a need for names on but a few each request. We have no delivery minimums and no charge for postage for those on the pre-paid instant access program. We laminate, square cut, round corner and Mag strip cards ahead of need .All we have to do .is print the front or back and ship. Personalization takes 3 days. 5-7 day delivery is standard for silk-screen printing. 1-2 days on request for digital and longer for the other processes. Call for details.

The Environment
Printing plastic can be a nasty business. It includes cleaners, solvents and silver residue from film scrap that does not go away. Our process is a polymerization process catalyzed by high frequency light. There is no emission, no waste and almost no scrap, (except when the customer is through with it). The amount of scrap is small when compared to the millions of tons of plastic scrap that is thrown away in the form of milk bottles and excess packaging. We use ozone free UV light bulbs and clean up is handled with an orange peel extract. In addition, the negligible amount of waste pigment is stored and disposed of as hazardous waste and burned properly according to the EPA requirements.

Community Involvement
Deluxe Plastic Card has been supporting the historic heritage of Tampa by renovating an 1895 Ybor City Cigar factory over the last 23 years. We are currently are on the list of historic structures in Tampa. Embossing, encoding, digital and conventional all take place on premise. We are proud to contribute to “made in America” and local.

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