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Art Info

File Transfer

Email your file to us at: art@kwickcard.com
Send us a disk! We accept:

PC Formatted CD
PC Formatted 3 1/2″ Floppy Disk
PC Formatted 100 MB Zip Disk

Preferred Applications

Adobe Acrobat (PDF files)
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Preferred File Formats

PDF Files: Your file must be camera ready, to size, black and white, separated artwork.
EPS Files: Convert all fonts to outlines or send PC fonts.
AI Files: Adobe Illustrator 10.0 or below, convert fonts to outlines or send PC fonts.
PSD Files: Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or below. Four Color-Process Jobs only.
TIFF Files: Four Color-Process Jobs only.


  • All images that extend past the card’s edge have an 1/8″ bleed around it.
  • No images are in RGB color mode.
  • Spot colors are clearly listed with the corresponding Pantone number. Note: Use coated swatches only.
  • All images are 300 dpi or higher. Much, much higher if you are rendering text (not recommended).
  • Check your file formats, we cannot do much with GIF files, etc.
  • Include all fonts used to create your document (this includes fonts used in illustrations). We are PC only, so make sure to send PC fonts, if your fonts are MAC, then convert them to outlines.
  • Include all linked images used in your document. If you’re in doubt, send the embedded ones too.
  • Double-check your disk and copied files to make sure everything is working and no files are corrupt. If the disk was created on a Macintosh, check to make sure it will open on a PC.
  • If files need to be compressed, use WinZip, do not use Self-Extracting Type.

For Cards With Embossing/Personalization

For embossing info, click here.
Note that for cards with thermal personalization, variable info CAN NOT be printed on top of any ink.

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