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2013-03-25 – Prepaid Personalization

Pre-Paid Embossing – The Ultimate Membership Card Management Solution

You’re managing a membership program and are looking at the options available to provide your members with cards. Below you will see why Pre-Paid Embossing from the KwickCard Line is the ultimate solution for your continuing membership card needs.

Pre-Paid Embossing from the KwickCard Line
DESCRIPTION: The KwickCard Line prints your cards and stores them in our factory until you need them. Send in requests for as many cards as you require, even as little as four at a time. We’ll pull your cards from inventory, personalize them and ship them to one address.
COST PER CARD*: $1.48 (E)
•No Headaches! http://www.kwickcard.com/?p=210&preview=true
•Shipping Costs Included!
•Encoding of Magnetic Strip Included!
•Embossing or Flat Printing Included!
•Supported by a company with 25 years experience!
•Save over 60%!^

The Other Options
DESCRIPTION: You go out and purchase a card printer, hope that the software works with your setup or otherwise purchase the software to run the machine, train someone in your office to run the machine and then customize your members cards as they are required.
COST PER CARD**: $3.20
Card Printer = $2,500
Software = $500
Training = $200
•Direct control of card production.
•Greater cost (Money, Time, and Headaches)
•Must purchase replacement printer cartridges
•Limited to flat printing
•Encoding of the magnetic strip is not included
•Must Continue to Train Personnel on the use of equipment

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